“Kirsten did for our business shoot what the big fancy photographers get paid tens of thousands of dollars to do for business moguls. Best part about it? She’s super cool and relaxed! Couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”

Matt Landau

The Professional Experience

“Every time I leave a session I wonder how on earth she’s going to get anything decent out of our session. And then she invites us over and we see the magic of her photography. She pulls out every little aspect of our personalities, our expressions and joy, and captures it in a story of pictures. There is nothing more magical than having her photograph your family. You fall in love with your family, all over again.”

Cindy Boyd

Family Experience

Fantastic experience – from the initial quote to the completed downloads. Enjoyed working with Trinity, highly recommend!

Sharon Berman

The Corporate Experience

Kirsten was extremely fun and easy going!! She gladly took any photo we requested and had some fun ideas herself. She really captured the fun we all had together and the love that we share. From the first point of contact to the final product we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Trinity Design and look forward to capturing the experience again in the near future. Thanks again Kirsten.

Shannon DuGas

The Extended Family Experience

The Visual Story of CEO and Community Builder : Kerri King

Learn about how we worked with Whitby and Durham Region’s community builder Kerri King to tell her visual story with headshots that support her personal brand.


Under the Water

Water is a crazy place to try and take photos. As a photographer every fibre of your being tells you to keep your gear as far away from the wet stuff as you possibly can. In our professional water is death to my day to day gear. Much like above the water - gear can...

The Visual Story of a CAO : Matthew Gaskell

A headshot session is an opportunity to create a portrait that connect clients, colleagues and more with the subject. Matthew is an "accomplished municipal leader who possesses the ability to envision and implement strategic changes to service delivery and deliver...
Artist - Christian Chapman Jingle Dresses

Jingle Dresses : Exhibition Photography (Station Gallery)

Colour dances off the walls of the art entitled "Ziibaaska’Iganagooday | Jingle Dresses" by artist Christian Chapman and encircles the gallery walls. Screen prints with pops of colour such as orange, blue, teal showcase each dress, each woman, and each story. "Chapman...

Natural Light v. Studio Light v. Off Camera Flash – is there one that is better?

Natural Light v. Studio Light v. Off Camera Flash - is there one that is better? When I started photographing professionally I was a committed natural light photographer. I would defend my choices with a staunch love for golden hour light, the gleam it gives eyes and...
Trinity Design 3836

Building your ‘Visual’ Savings Account.

The sparkle in the eyes of a young daughter. In this blog entry we want to introduce you to a new form of savings - the 'Visual Savings Account' by which family photos work to add to your emotional well being now and in the future. Much like an RRSP or TFSA or Savings...