Meet our New Gallery: Shootproof

Meet our New Gallery: Shootproof

This fall we switched to a customer portal and part of that experience is integrating the galleries so you have access to them all from one client portal destination. Shootproof will replace Pixieset this fall for your gallery reveal and ordering sessions and provide our holiday storefront for The Christmas Barn Experience and all future session experiences.

Let’s take a brief tour through a sample gallery on Shootproof:

  • Your Gallery will have a cover page – click the OPEN GALLERY button in the right hand bottom corner to open your gallery. If applicable, add your email and a pin code (on the email we sent) to access the gallery.

  • Once in the gallery one of the first tasks we have is to create a list of favourites for you from your session experience. Use the STAR ICON to add specific photos from your experience to a favourites list. There is no notes section here so click on a single image (while on a desktop computer) to let us know your comments on a specific file name by email (if applicable).

  • Inside the Favourites you will find only the items you have selected the STAR ICON on to create a collection of your own choices.

  • Our most asked question is “how do I download  my files?”. Here is how to DOWNLOAD ALL in Shootproof. Enter the PIN Code provided in the email we sent – if it’s missing let us know right away.

  • Check your EMAIL for a .zip of the download of the size provided, in most cases client receive “HIGH RES” versions of the file sized to 3600 pixels.

As with anything new please excuse our growing pains as we learn this new software and by all means call us if you are stumped. It is our job to help and we are in the office typically from 9 to 2 Monday to Friday to help.

Visual Storyteller | Kirsten McGoey | Trinity Design Photography