Capture the experience.

A common question or statement I am given is “How do you work with kids?” and “I could never do your job.”

Having just done a 2016 session with my extended family I know how out of control it feels to be in photos with your kids. With kids who seem to have forgotten every simple and basic thing you said, taught them and know for a 1-2 hour period in one general consensus. I promise you this is a common feeling no matter the gender, composition or type of family you are blessed to be a part of. Everyone has a good dose of “what the heck” when it comes to family photos and their kids – but as photographer I do not.


So why does the chaos of your kids, your family and the chaos not stress me out as your photographer?

  • They are not my kids.
    • It is much easier as a third party to capture the experience as I am not their mom or dad.
  • Kids are real – what you see is what you get –  often without the filters we add as adults.
    • This adds up to amazing photos with true emotions.
  • I love kids.
    • Since kids know someone who is afraid a mile away I have the upper hand – I want to work with them and they sense this.
  • A child respects someone who gets down to their level.
    • I have a troublesome back for a reason, I will drop to the ground to capture the experience of a smaller human – after all their point of view is part of the story we are telling.
  • As a photographer I see things others do not.
    • I chase light, form and emotion in all my work.
  • A family and it’s kids are the story and as an avid storyteller the chaos, the emotion and the people are the story.

One of the most true statements I have heard from a client was this which was a review after a Christmas session at her home: “Just had the girls Christmas pictures taken by Kris in our home. The girls weren’t quite in the Christmas spirit – lots of tears. My hubby was upset that we wasted money since they weren’t co-operating …. until he saw the pictures. They are BEAUTIFUL!” – A Inglis.


Take the time to tell your family story with us this spring, summer and fall.  Take the step to be IN THE FRAME with your kids and leave your own image in these stories.

Capture the experience.

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Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller, Trinity Design