The Experience Process.

The Experience Process.

To learn more about the way we schedule, photograph and host our experience reveals visit this page on our website to learn about our four step process.

PreConsultation | Capturing the Experience | Experience Reveal | Print the Experience

Moving forward all seasonal experiences reveals will be hosted in studio during your Experience Reveal in order to allow us to guide you through the many choices we have in our a la carte menu and ensure you have the most successful experience possible with our studio.

Kirsten, Visual Storyteller

The Value of Being in the Picture

The Value of Being in the Picture

Why do women need to get in front of the camera?

As a photographer, wife, daughter  and woman Kirsten has started to see our sisters, mothers, friends and family are consistently missing from the steady stream of images we create as a society. Images abound of our families, our children, but rare is the image of a woman on her own, celebrating her beauty outside of the realm of the standard “headshot”.

A portrait is much more than that – it is for everyone and everyone deserves to capture their image for themselves and the generations here and now, and to come. A portrait does not have to follow the rules of professional headshots and it can capture the soul of the beautiful human being being photograph.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

Celebrating the skin you are in has become a mantra for Trinity Design. Kirsten like many women carrying a little extra weight since having three amazing sons and enjoying her share of life’s treats (life needs cupcakes and ice cream). So make this the year you get in front of the camera – not just your kids.

What exactly is a portrait party?

A portrait party is first and foremost a celebration of women in a social setting in our studio. We serve light refreshments and invite you to join us to make some new friends, bring along a few you already know and get your portrait taken. It is a relaxed way to network with other women, build your confidence by letting Kirsten tell your visual story through a portrait of you.

What does the experience include?

Each attendee will have one portrait digital included in their experience, the option to buy more portraits or print their portrait to put up in their home from our a la carte menu of items. We have several great options to mount your portrait from styrene backing for frames to our best selling FlushMount which is a 7/8th thick MDF mount with black painted sides.

How do I book?

We are running this event Sunday March 25 from 1 to 4 in the studio in Whitby. Attendees MUST buy their spot ahead of time by emailing Kirsten @

Facebook Event

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

Tips for a Successful Portrait Experience

Tips for a Successful Portrait Experience

A Professional Experience it is all about creating a simple, effective image of the client.

Before you hire ANY photographer “ask them about their experience” to ensure you hire someone who has proven experience and skills to execute a professional product. Creating head shot portraits is a very specific skill set requiring intimate knowledge of light, posing, proper focus and knowledge what does focal length do to a person’s face. Have them show you the work they have done and how they will achieve it.

The following are some the tips that will help you achieve a great image for your business portrait.

Tip #1. Keep it simple. When picking an outfit avoid patterns that can distract from the face. A professional portrait should focus on the subject – not on clothing or accessories they are wearing.

Tip #2. Hair and Makeup. Do not change your style too close to your session. Invest in professional services for a blow out and makeup as needed. When you feel your best you look your best.

Tip #3. Vary the Look. Our experiences allow clients to create a series of three looks. So bring a few looks from relaxed to corporate to get more out of your experience session with us.

Tip #4. Simple makeup. Keep makeup simple and natural. Avoid shimmer, sparkles and shine, as well as frost or bright colours. Any makeup should add to your natural beauty.

Tip #5. Accessories. Keep your accessories simple and classic. An accessory should be a compliment to your outfit not the star of the image. Remove watches and fitness trackers.

Tip #6. A good night’s sleep. We all look our best if we have had a good rest the night before. Schedule your session when this is possible for the best results.

Regrettably over 50% of the work we do in this area is a redoing of a bad experience with another photographer. Get the image you wanted the first time and book your experience with us.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography | Whitby

Family Experience Photo Session at Heber Down, Whitby

Family Experience Photo Session at Heber Down, Whitby

As a family photographer in Whitby, in the Durham region east of the Greater Toronto area we have many family friendly  spots to capture the experience.

During our family photo session we explored the whole of the Spring Trail with the young men of this family. We turned over leaves, found acorns, logs, and other magical bits of nature. It is nice to slow down and see things through the eyes of a child. There is so much to learn, see and explore.

For a peek into their session visit our video of their family experience:

Capture the experience this winter in studio or in the snow! For more information send us an email via our Connect page.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller

The Lynde Shores Family Photo Experience

The Lynde Shores Family Photo Experience

Nestled in the south of Whitby’s modern urban landscape is Lynde Shores Conservation Area with groves of birch and pine trees, a water walkway and load of places to explore with wildlife. We spend a lot of time working on family photos in this location as it is a versatile spot with many different areas for blend of natural settings for your family experience.

We took a gold hour one evening in early October to capture the experience for this local family photos for Mom, Dad and the two kids. We walked the walkway, ran the walkway, tried to feed the bird but they were not hanging out that night and having fun running the trails and exploring the woods.

Enjoy a glimpse into their evening in this family video of their experience:


Capture the experience this winter in studio or in the snow! For more information send us an email via our Connect page.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller

Whitby Rocks : The Christmas Experience Giveaway

Whitby Rocks : The Christmas Experience Giveaway

White-Box-Large-CollageWinner: Laura Brown

Bringing you into our downtowns with the first annual Trinity Design #WhitbyRocks “The Christmas Experience: The White Box” give away is how we celebrate. Trinity Design is turning FIVE years old and we wanted to make this year a special one by launching a giveaway that supported Whitby’s two, yes TWO, downtowns.

More details to follow including clues on where to search, enter the give away and support our fantastic “two” downtown areas in Whitby/Brooklin.

How is it going to work?

The session we are giving away is on Saturday Oct 21, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. and includes the session, an 8×10 digital collage and 5 digital 5×5 solos. Contestants also have the option of buying from our “print the experience” menu to add items such as cards, mounts and prints – not included in the giveaway.” The prize has no cash value, is not transferable.

Where are we hunting?

Local businesses will be hosting purple Trinity Design rocks which you need to find to enter.
The Details

When you find the rock ‘do not take it home’, READ THE NEXT PART CAREFULLY – as this is what you need to do to enter the give away:

1. Take a photo of your family with the rock and share it on your personal page.
2. Tag the business you found the rock at.
3. Tag Trinity Design as well.
4. If you bought something while visiting that local business show us what you purchased (with a receipt) and we will send you a print credit for a free 8×10 on any 2017 session you book with Trinity Design.
5. Share this event on your page.
6. Email us your entry when you get home to “” so we can add you to the list of names for the draw.

When is the give away starting/draw?

Rocks will go out in late August/early September. We are working to determine the exact date of the draw. It will be mid September – so stay tuned.
Want to join as a local business in one of our two downtowns? 

Email Kirsten @ “”.
Interested? Simply tag your name or follow our page for more updates.
Only one person can win so sign up for our Christmas Experience today to ensure you get a spot.
NOTE: Sessions already booked for 2017 are not eligible for this giveaway.This give away is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook.

The Clues – you must be on Facebook to tag the businesses.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller

The Christmas Experience – White Box Seasonal

The Christmas Experience – White Box Seasonal

Trinity-Design-Snow-balls-white-boxIt’s that time of year again, time for your family to grab a spot in The Christmas Experience. We are offering the White box sessions with a Christmas theme this year (non Christmas themes are not permitted at this event) and YES this is a family friendly event (note our Christmas bed series coming next is KIDS ONLY).

Q: How does it work?

This is one single, large white box that we shoot and stitch together into a collage using Kirsten’s skills as a photoshop editor and storyteller. Sessions can be planned to have boxes interact with each other, various collages made from one single session and interactive content created (for example the 3D snowball effect shown above.

COMING SOON: Getting on TOP of the box is in the works. Tests coming soon.

To book visit our Facebook Event or connect via email for dates/times available.

Q: How do we prepare?

Kirsten will send you a comprehensive preparation document for this event. Unlike regular environments the white box loves bright colours so coming in all black is not as effective as using colour to your advantage.

Handy hint: If dressing the kids in the same style PJs differentiate them with different styled slippers, cosy socks, head bands and more. This makes knowing WHO is WHO a little easier and gives the composition more OOOMPH.

To book visit our Facebook Event or connect via email for dates/times available.


Q: After the photos are taken what happens next?

We create a collage for you and invite you in to “tweak” the collage and pick your “solo faves” in the studio. The “reveal the experience” session is designed to get time sensitive decisions made at a very busy time of year for the studio.

At this session you are also invited to purchase from our large range of products which we ALSO will have on display for you to touch and feel at the session. Deadlines for Christmas delivery are tight so orders are made to ensure you have your products in time for your holiday celebrations.

To book visit our Facebook Event or connect via email for dates/times available.

Q: What kind of products are recommended for The Christmas Experience – White Box Seasonal?

White box sessions need to be printed at at least 16×20 to ensure the faces are visible so this is our minimum size recommendation for printing the sessions on mediums such as archival prints ($99+HST), flush-mounts ($239+HST) and canvas ($359+HST).

We also recommend our Accordion 3×3 books (which come in sets of three of the same design) as their square shape lends a fun way to showcase the “solo” shots from your session. Each comes with a translucent cover and are magnetically closed for safe keeping in your purse or bag; they can also live on the fridge.

We also have a great 4×4 cube product (6 sides) which we love for showcasing the solos in a really creative product ($199+HST).

To book visit our Facebook Event or connect via email for dates/times available.

We cannot wait to capture the experience for you this year.

Kirsten McGoey, Trinity Design, Visual Storyteller

The Family Experience: Dingman Family

The Family Experience: Dingman Family

Capture the experience this fall with Trinity Design. Now booking fall experiences, check out this spring session we did for the Dingman family and their two rambunctious and handsome boys.

The ProcessThe Investment |  Print the Experience  |  Book the Experience

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design

You say it’s your birthday!

You say it’s your birthday!

We had a a blast covering this event and could not wait to share some images from the event. The look we used here was cinematic black and white but images are delivered in full colour (a little fun for this thespian couple) and set to a signature tune we use for many of our videos.

Videos along with a wide variety of story capturing media can be purchased with event sessions. For this couple we are creating a storyteller book to ensure they are enjoying the experience for years to come with family and friends.

To book us for your upcoming event contact us via Connect.

Kirsten McGoey, Trinity Design, Visual Storyteller