Building your ‘Visual’ Savings Account.

Building your ‘Visual’ Savings Account.

The sparkle in the eyes of a young daughter.

In this blog entry we want to introduce you to a new form of savings – the ‘Visual Savings Account’ by which family photos work to add to your emotional well being now and in the future. Much like an RRSP or TFSA or Savings Account family photos are a key building block in the foundation of your own families mental health.

We have cited before that family photos when printed and displayed on walls and in books add to a child’s sense of belonging in the home*. Our own clients often share how excited their children are looking back at the images we have captured for their experience.

A family with their home just as it was that year.

So when facing the prospect of family photos we encourage you to budget for it as you do for concert tickets, travelling to Disney or sunny beaches and much like you do when investing in time at the Cottage. Leave a line item in your yearly budget for family photos and printing.

There will be a day when you thank yourself for this investment. A day when you are the head of the family and times with grandparents are relived. Days when you reconnect with the first steps of your son with your grandsons and your daughter’s first smile with her new wife, your new daughter in law.

Capture the experience: portraits

It’s not easy to talk about losing people. My mom is the youngest of 6 and we have had to say goodbye to family I would dearly love to ask another question of, eat their food and give them a hug. What I do have are prints of images taken by someone who knew down the road this investment in time, in printing would mean I could revisit those experience for a moment. Recall their smile, their jokes and the joy they added to my life.

“Every time I leave a session I wonder how on earth she’s going to get anything decent out of our session. And then she invites us over and we see the magic of her photography. She pulls out every little aspect of our personalities, our expressions and joy, and captures it in a story of pictures. There is nothing more magical than having her photograph your family. You fall in love with your family, all over again.”

Cindy Boyd

| Family Experience

Our family experiences start at $249 + HST – to book your experience and invest in your visual savings account visit: Connect


The Visual Story of a Communications Professional : Jennifer Santos

The Visual Story of a Communications Professional : Jennifer Santos


Jennifer Santos has a 15 year career working at the Durham Region currently working in Digital Marketing and Community Relations department as a Manager, Communications (Social Media, Web, Engagement and Special Projects). She came to us to refresh her personal brand head shots for LinkedIn and other social media tools.

We used a favourite Whitby location, the new, modern and hip coffee shop Brock St. Espresso on the main street in Whitby. Owned by David and Lorena Purchase this new hot spot has a clean, modern look, lots of historical and modern touches and most importantly espresso. Inside and out this space has lots of great places to tell a modern, professional story.

Using the lively colours of the downtown storefront’s in Whitby in tandem with this green dress we created a fresh look for Jennifer. In our discussions Jennifer wanted to use the urban setting of downtown to capture her story. We used the brighter colours to compliment her personal brand which is strong and welcoming.

What this portrait does not tell you is as we captured this a local who lives in the apartment in front of where Jennifer was standing walked out. Jennifer never blinked an eye! 

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

The Visual Story of CEO and Community Builder : Kerri King

The Visual Story of CEO and Community Builder : Kerri King

Each time we start working with a headshot client it is important to determine the goals they have for their session. Is the job they are doing very corporate – for example, a lawyer or a banker? Is it subject to a series of guidelines in terms of what they can wear in a head shot. If you think I am kidding let me send the 4 page document I have seen from some banks to prove my point.

When Kerri King, CEO of the Station Gallery approached us to create new headshots we discussed her needs. She wanted to something that was connected to the downtown in Whitby, showcased her personal style, was professional but with a strong and modern location. With that in mind we got down to work to capture the experience.

Our chosen location is the new, modern and hip coffee shop Brock St. Espresso on the main street in Whitby. Owned by David and Lorena Purchase this new hot spot has a clean, modern look, lots of historical and modern touches and most importantly espresso. The window seating with the live edge counter was perfect to pair with some of Kerri King’s favourite art books, hat and immeasurable style. 

This classic portrait showcases CEO Kerri’s timeless style, the location’s natural light and this pose come together in a strong portrait of a local leader in our community of Whitby, Ontario and in the Durham Region.

Kerri King is a community builder, working for Durham Region and now for the Station Gallery. We wanted to showcase the downtown which is part of the community Kerri and her team at the Station Gallery are working hard to develop. A community with colour, style and an appreciation for art, artists and their work. Her bright scarf, art books and hat all lend to the storytelling we are doing in her portraits.

To wrap up our session we spent a little time creating – after all with the CEO of the Station Gallery in front of our lens it seemed the right thing to do. Kerri was up for anything and we ended up with some great final images for her 2019 portraits.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

Meet Jenna: Yoga Jungle

Meet Jenna: Yoga Jungle

We are back to it in 2019 creating a series of blog posts highlight the past few years of creating strong, impactful images for clientele through my Corporate business and the editorial work I create for East of the City magazine. In this series I will introduce you to some amazing human beings who run their own business(es) and shape the business landscape in the Durham Region.

Facing the northern sky in Bowmanville in the old factory the Yoga Jungle is a heavenly place to practice aerial yoga. Swaths of turquoise fabric known as silks are lined up in rows for this art form. Light streams in through factory windows creating a truly special space for exercise and meditation.

Aerial yoga is great for men and women. “Aerial yoga is known for its ability to reverse the effects that gravity has on the body, boost your mood and promotes a sense of well-being through child like play.” (fn: website). Using this form of yoga one can work to reconnect their mind, body and soul.

Owner Jenna Richards was inspired after taking her first class, finding it alleviated familiar aches and pains. She now dedicates herself to the practice and helping others find their own sense of balance.


If you are looking to create powerful images that make your business STAND OUT in a crowd contact us to tell your story. We create colourful, focused and professionally executed photographic images that stand the test of time.

For more information connect with us via our website form.

Kirsten McGoey, AOCAD, Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

Headshot Update: Crisp White

Headshot Update: Crisp White

One of the first things I do when a client contacts me about headshots through my website is ask to speak to them via the phone. Call me old fashioned but phone calls give an understanding that sometimes does not come across in emails.

Smaller details are discussed such as what headshot background would suit your needs. Larger needs include how will you use the images. These larger details might impact the smaller ones. It allows me to anticipate the images you will need and further your use of them on your website, social media and blogs. This can be done with one outfit (as shown) or up to three looks – it all depends on your individual or corporate needs. Note: Many banks have rules on how to dress and backgrounds.

Paul Cleary, of Horn IT needed a professional update for his website. His company provides information technology services (IT) to mid-market companies in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The need for a clean professional look was essential in this industry and for clients who invest in these services.

We created the images on white to allow for his website professional to easily be able to cut him out as needed for branding purposes. We created three looks using one outfit, opting for a closer crop which he can use when connecting via his blog. Paul now has three professional looks to carry him into the upcoming years; headshots he can use on social media, his website and blog.

If you need to update your look, ditch the selfie and create a professional headshot please connect with us via our website form:

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller, Trinity Design Photography | Whitby

Polishing Your Professional Headshot

Guilliana came to me with a request to add some polish to her headshot for use in her company intranet, social media profile photos – especially her LinkedIn. Many clients come with this same brief but have no idea how to achieve it. What was special with Gullianna is she knew exactly the image she wanted to create. We got down to work and achieve her goal of a professional, classic look.

For a headshot we always recommend by passing the “phone selfie” – especially on LinkedIn. A professional headshot should be updated every two years either in studio or on location with a professional eye for posing, catch lights (the lights in the eyes) and and over all understanding of light. Couple that with a professional touch to the skin creates a strong, professional end result.


The end result was achieved with one outfit by simply removing her jacket to create two different but equally classic looks. The necklace worked well with the blouse but conflicted with the collar of the jacket so we removed it. Simple but effective posing gives her 3 strong looks with smiles and the extra non smile rounded off her final look.

If you are looking to update your headshot or need a quote for a team, please contact us through our connect page form.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller | Whitby, Ontario; Greater Toronto Area