Tips for a Successful Portrait Experience

Tips for a Successful Portrait Experience

A Professional Experience it is all about creating a simple, effective image of the client.

Before you hire ANY photographer “ask them about their experience” to ensure you hire someone who has proven experience and skills to execute a professional product. Creating head shot portraits is a very specific skill set requiring intimate knowledge of light, posing, proper focus and knowledge what does focal length do to a person’s face. Have them show you the work they have done and how they will achieve it.

The following are some the tips that will help you achieve a great image for your business portrait.

Tip #1. Keep it simple. When picking an outfit avoid patterns that can distract from the face. A professional portrait should focus on the subject – not on clothing or accessories they are wearing.

Tip #2. Hair and Makeup. Do not change your style too close to your session. Invest in professional services for a blow out and makeup as needed. When you feel your best you look your best.

Tip #3. Vary the Look. Our experiences allow clients to create a series of three looks. So bring a few looks from relaxed to corporate to get more out of your experience session with us.

Tip #4. Simple makeup. Keep makeup simple and natural. Avoid shimmer, sparkles and shine, as well as frost or bright colours. Any makeup should add to your natural beauty.

Tip #5. Accessories. Keep your accessories simple and classic. An accessory should be a compliment to your outfit not the star of the image. Remove watches and fitness trackers.

Tip #6. A good night’s sleep. We all look our best if we have had a good rest the night before. Schedule your session when this is possible for the best results.

Regrettably over 50% of the work we do in this area is a redoing of a bad experience with another photographer. Get the image you wanted the first time and book your experience with us.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography | Whitby

The Experience Process.

The Experience Process.

To learn more about the way we schedule, photograph and host our experience reveals visit this page on our website to learn about our four step process.

PreConsultation | Capturing the Experience | Experience Reveal | Print the Experience

Moving forward all seasonal experiences reveals will be hosted in studio during your Experience Reveal in order to allow us to guide you through the many choices we have in our a la carte menu and ensure you have the most successful experience possible with our studio.

Kirsten, Visual Storyteller

The Corporate Group Experience

The Corporate Group Experience

We had a great time working with the group at Pace Technical Services Inc to help them capture the experience for 23 of their 25 person team. The team all had updated lifestyle head shots (1/2 body length) and we did a large group shot of the company as well for marketing purposes.

For our rate card on in office or in studio (Whitby) experiences for your Corporate Group please contact us.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller

Fantastic experience – from the initial quote to the completed downloads. Enjoyed working with Trinity, highly recommend!

Shannon Berman

Office Manager, PACE Technical Services Inc.