Tips for a Successful Portrait Experience

Tips for a Successful Portrait Experience

A Professional Experience it is all about creating a simple, effective image of the client.

Before you hire ANY photographer “ask them about their experience” to ensure you hire someone who has proven experience and skills to execute a professional product. Creating head shot portraits is a very specific skill set requiring intimate knowledge of light, posing, proper focus and knowledge what does focal length do to a person’s face. Have them show you the work they have done and how they will achieve it.

The following are some the tips that will help you achieve a great image for your business portrait.

Tip #1. Keep it simple. When picking an outfit avoid patterns that can distract from the face. A professional portrait should focus on the subject – not on clothing or accessories they are wearing.

Tip #2. Hair and Makeup. Do not change your style too close to your session. Invest in professional services for a blow out and makeup as needed. When you feel your best you look your best.

Tip #3. Vary the Look. Our experiences allow clients to create a series of three looks. So bring a few looks from relaxed to corporate to get more out of your experience session with us.

Tip #4. Simple makeup. Keep makeup simple and natural. Avoid shimmer, sparkles and shine, as well as frost or bright colours. Any makeup should add to your natural beauty.

Tip #5. Accessories. Keep your accessories simple and classic. An accessory should be a compliment to your outfit not the star of the image. Remove watches and fitness trackers.

Tip #6. A good night’s sleep. We all look our best if we have had a good rest the night before. Schedule your session when this is possible for the best results.

Regrettably over 50% of the work we do in this area is a redoing of a bad experience with another photographer. Get the image you wanted the first time and book your experience with us.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography | Whitby

The Lynde Shores Family Photo Experience

The Lynde Shores Family Photo Experience

Nestled in the south of Whitby’s modern urban landscape is Lynde Shores Conservation Area with groves of birch and pine trees, a water walkway and load of places to explore with wildlife. We spend a lot of time working on family photos in this location as it is a versatile spot with many different areas for blend of natural settings for your family experience.

We took a gold hour one evening in early October to capture the experience for this local family photos for Mom, Dad and the two kids. We walked the walkway, ran the walkway, tried to feed the bird but they were not hanging out that night and having fun running the trails and exploring the woods.

Enjoy a glimpse into their evening in this family video of their experience:


Capture the experience this winter in studio or in the snow! For more information send us an email via our Connect page.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller

The Family Experience: Dingman Family

The Family Experience: Dingman Family

Capture the experience this fall with Trinity Design. Now booking fall experiences, check out this spring session we did for the Dingman family and their two rambunctious and handsome boys.

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Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design

You say it’s your birthday!

You say it’s your birthday!

We had a a blast covering this event and could not wait to share some images from the event. The look we used here was cinematic black and white but images are delivered in full colour (a little fun for this thespian couple) and set to a signature tune we use for many of our videos.

Videos along with a wide variety of story capturing media can be purchased with event sessions. For this couple we are creating a storyteller book to ensure they are enjoying the experience for years to come with family and friends.

To book us for your upcoming event contact us via Connect.

Kirsten McGoey, Trinity Design, Visual Storyteller

Hy Hope Farm Orchard Test Session

Hy Hope Farm Orchard Test Session

We popped over to the orchard to check on the blossoms, orchard locations and capture some tests for the upcoming The Blossom Experience. The larger blossom trees have fallen but the whole orchard is in now in bloom so got some great captures of the two varieties showing off their blossoms.

There are still two spots open for this event – which is one of the few outside seasonals we host.

This location can be booked for family photos at any point in the year with advance notice to the wonderful owners of Hy Hope Farm & Golf Course. You must stop in after your session to enjoy the festival of blossoms on site with music, great homemade goods in the store and an artisan tent.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller

Capture the Adults.

Capture the Adults.

Capture the Adults.

A longtime client joked with me this year that I should use the hashtag #capturetheparents as the White Box was getting moms, dads and grandparents in front of my camera in record numbers. She was so right in that statement I started using this sentiment but changed it to include all adults – #capturetheeadults –  when walking clients through the options for experiences and encouraging them to be IN them, not just photographing their children.

While women have a bad rap for not wanting to be photographed it is in my experience that many parents, grandparents and adults often duck out of the images thinking – next year I will lose some weight, next year I will have my hair done, next year I will fit into a dress or pants I love – next year I will get in the frame. The problem is next year turns into a decade and all those years of you have been missed from your story.

In my first session by another professional after kids I was 40 lbs heavier than I was before kids. Before kids I was an Ontario Women’s Soccer League provincial goalie, I played soccer 3-4 a week between training and games. The expectation that I would ever return to that lifestyle had faded with three children and a lower back diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. Life had changed, I love my boys and my life, so what was I waiting for. I am not the same person I was pre-kids but I think I looked pretty amazing nonetheless – despite my own concerns (yes I have them, too) – and since then we have captured several images of me at various weights, hair styles and I love them all.

The session I am sharing with you today is one of the client families which inspires me to capture my own experience with a professional every year. This couple are almost always in the sessions with their kids – through pregnancies and after them – they are so much fun to work with. Mom is so beautiful she literally makes the camera sing every time we work together, Dad rocks every single thing I ask him to try and the kids who have both known my lens for years now are as close to professionals as they come.

This family inspires me to get in front of the lens over and over again, to be part of the story we are capturing for our walls, for our family and for our children. Thanks guys for the inspiration of being in my own story.

Take the time to tell your family story with us this spring, summer and fall.  Take the step to be IN THE FRAME with your kids and leave your own image in these stories.

Capture the experience.

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Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller, Trinity Design