The Visual Story of Neil Henderson

The Visual Story of Neil Henderson

We work with a lot of professionals in a variety of different industries – what ties all business professionals together is the need for a headshot that reflects who they are right now. An image that is crisp, clear, with proper highlights in the eyes and an outfit that supports your brand but doesn’t compete with the intention – a portrait of the person wearing them.

Neil is in Insurance with CAA and needed a look that reflected the brand he works for and his own personal brand. The corporate look was using black as a background – this is a nice modern change from all white all the time. We did two black options and one white for his final three images.

When you work for a company be sure to send us your corporate brand specifications for headshots so we create a product they can use in line with their branding.

When shopping for work wear always consider one or two jackets that have some texture without too much of a pattern. These add a nice look to headshots which typically do not include any pattern. The texture should be uniform and a colour that works with your colouring. Hint – almost everyone looks good in a blue to navy colour story. Avoid stripes and plaids which can be hard to smooth while editing.

We can often however break the rule of a pattern if it is subtle enough. Note his plaid and navy jacket here reads as a solid with some visual interest. We always recommend bringing multiple options so we can help you edit your closet to the right look for you. 

The listening or “Rhonda” poses are a staple here in the studio. We love how leaning forward elongates the neck, brings the shoulders into a listening pose and shows off the client no matter what age, gender or size they are. A little catch light in the eyes gives this pose the final touch.

If you are looking to update your professional look connect with us for your update.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller |

Fast, Modern Team Headshots

Fast, Modern Team Headshots

We have been working for the last year with 1855 Whitby to ensure they have consistent member headshots for use on their website. This value add for members gives them a professional look in keeping with the other members at 1855 – Durham Region’s first and only technology accelerator. 

Just some of the great features of our team headshot experience include:


  • Quick modern set ups.
  • Full PDF of what to wear and what NOT to wear for your employees.
  • Versatility to work in both natural light and studio/Off Camera Flash scenarios on site at your business.
  • On site viewing of images being taken so team member is involved in the making of their portrait and pose.
  • On site choice of image for each team member increases efficiency.
  • Consistent look across team members.
  • When needed on site assitant to ensure a smooth process.
  • Back up gear brought to every single session.
  • Fully insured.

The process is pretty straight forward – here is what we need to quote on your team:


  • The number of solo and group shots required.
  • The location of your business.
  • The style of image you wish to create – studio or on location/lifestyle
  • Timeline for taking and delivering images.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller

The Visual Story of Nicolee Evans

The Visual Story of Nicolee Evans

An experienced professional in the mortgaging business, Nicolee Evans, works with the Element Mortgage Group. We took a look at the branding of the group and added in her own personal style to create a new set of images for her this year.

(above) Shot in our home studio in Whitby this portrait of Nicolee was created in tandem. Using our new love seat and Nicolee’s great sense of style. The casual nature of this image will compliment nicely her over arching branding for her mortgage business.

We used the navy blue with that hint of teal for the background in the images. Outfits were picked in tonal blues for the more formal images of the session. That tonal look gives a sophisticated look in tandem with the branding of the group and Nicolee’s personal style.

To wrap up our session we worked on a new format of image where we seated Nicolee using paper to match the background on the table. The end result is a powerful image of this professional mortgage broker.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

The Visual Story of Rebecca Munn – Durham Region

The Visual Story of Rebecca Munn – Durham Region

Just over a year ago Trinity Design Photography created editorial headshots and story images for Durham Region and Whitby’s one in a million Rebecca Munn (East of the City magazine). Rebecca, a master seamstress, has been an entrepreneur since she was 16 and was a perfect choice for our test model for our upcoming headshots team photos for companies who work within the 1855 Whitby Innovation Accelerator.

1855 Whitby is housed in a non-descript building that completely wows you when you walk inside. The concrete floors and walls made of bricks dating back to the 1800 and 1900s mixed with glass, steel, and colourful plastics makes for a fresh and creative space.

Rebecca’s brand is clean, modern, fresh and youthful. We kept her outfits simple, in the right portrait she is even wearing one of her own sewing creations. In headshot photography we do not want the main focus to be the clothing but rather it compliments the wearer and moves focus to their face, their personal brand.

This portrait is again proof positive a portrait of a strong, capable and talented woman does not have to feature her smiling. Rebecca’s “blue steel” gaze is just what this portrait needed to make it next level awesome.

The 1800 and 1900s brick background is gently lit with light fall off and the subject is perfectly lit with a one light/reflector combination. Our end product is a strong professional look for this entreprenuer in the building that is now growing some of the latest technological innovators in North America. Long live the entrepreneur.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | A.O.C.A.D. | Trinity Design Photography

The Visual Story of Susan-jane Frank and Moragh Cameron

The Visual Story of Susan-jane Frank and Moragh Cameron

Real estate professionals Susan-jane Frank and Moragh Cameron came to me to refresh their brand look. Both women are experienced, professional real estates professionals whose combined skills form a strong real estate services for buying and selling your home.

Using fresh and unique locations strengthens a shoot. The home we used in Brooklin featured a stunning open kitchen/bar, seating areas and sun rooms that provided a perfect backdrop for this duo.

Brooklin has so many wonderful places to showcase this team. Our second downtown in Whitby provided a perfect pairing to the images we did at the home. The fall colours, brick and accents on the buildings complimented the wardrobe chosen for the shoot.

 The open bar-kitchen had an amazing Dutch door which we used to create this unique portrait for Susan-jane Frank. Each fresh environment gives you opportunities to tell a story in a new way. We aligned this portrait to the overall brand look and feel using this welcoming space to invite you into her portrait. If you have never meet Susan-jane this portrait tells you everything you need to know about this lovely, smart professional. 

 The open bar-kitchen also had a front bar area which we used to create an informal portrait of Moragh. An image does not have to face the camera to be effective and this style of image can be a great asset in a marketing portfolio.

Want to create content for your business? We will create content that fits your brand and your look. To connect with us connect via the website connect form.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

Your Headshot Choices Matter

Your Headshot Choices Matter

What is Photofeeler? They write “Photofeeler is a data science company. Our flagship product helps people land good jobs and life partners by optimizing their profile pictures.” As a professional photography company in Durham Region and Whitby I am going to show you the results from the BUSINESS  side only – not the social and dating photo side of the application.

Photofeeler posits that your own friends and family are too biased to tell you the truth about your photo choice. Instead strangers are served your content to rate and the results are tabulated, along with comments you can write or choose from. As a frequent user of social media as a professional in this field this is true. I cannot tell you how many selfies, cut off chins, foreheads, filtered, over or under exposed, badly lit and completely unprofessional photos I see on business profiles across Facebook and Instagram business pages.

That distinction is important, because your business profile is not the same as your personal profile. Also, not all jobs need the same level of business profile shots – for example, a banker and a graphic designer at an up and coming agency often require completely different looks, styles and approaches. So for the purpose of my albeit short and sweet comparison note we are comparing these under the BUSINESS category in the application on Photofeeler.

The tool provides three areas by which your photo is rated by other users, these include what does the photo say about the person’s competency (COMPETENT), likability (LIKABLE) and influence (INFLUENTIAL). They also rate how many entries are needed to create a STANDARD sample so that you gather enough opinions. For a strong sample (20 seems to be the magic number here) we opted to gather 20-22 opinions for each option below.

So I ran two photos through the tool to see how my professional headshot (created by the amazing skills of Melissa Maahs Photography) did against a selfie I took the same day against the same wall with my iPhone 6. I let them both run through with the filters BUSINESS and my job title as PHOTOGRAPHER. The tests were run on the free option and ran between 3 and 10 p.m. EST.

Here are the results of the iPhone 6 SELFIE versus the PROFESSIONAL photo. Noting that the comments are by users and not professional photographers who do not know me or Melissa.

SELFIE (using an iPhone 6/rear camera)SELFIE-KIRSTEN

This photo was taken on the same day, same hair, with my sunglasses on when we had finished up the shoot. I like that I could use the selfie against the professional shot to show the reactions they generated.


  • “This is kind of a bad quality photo considering you are a photographer…” ( I agree, this was a taken as a behind the scenes shot with my phone)
  • “Great photo!”
  • “Photo seems a bit unprofessional to me.”


Things to consider from the SELFIE example:

  • The quality of the photo is less because the capabilities of the Canon camera far out pace my old iPhone 6 specifications.
  • The image is a selfie, it is informal and I am wearing glasses (eyes are everything in a portrait as are catch lights).
  • All the ratings are below average which is not the message I want to give current, potential and future clients about my abilities, skills and services.


PROFESSIONAL (Canon 5D Miii with 135 mm lens)


  • “Would prefer if they were smiling more.”
  • “Great photo!”
  • “Great photo!”
  • “Great background!”
  • “Photo seems professional to me.”
  • “Nailed it!”




Things to consider from the PRO example:

  • High quality execution by a professional who understands light, her gear and posing. This is why I use a pro when doing my headshots for my own photography business.
  • The ratings now reflect the impression I want to give current, potential and future clients about my abilities, skills and services.

If you need help bringing your profile picture (see above) to another level connect with us via:

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller