It has been the story all over Whitby and the Durham Region – if you graduated this year things were decidely not the same. This client came to me after driving two hours to capture graduate photos they said fell flat. After seeing a similar session for a classmate they came to us for a redo.

By only doing one session a day and owning two hats we could add the hat the other supplier missed. We corrected details like messy hair and edited out a collar that slipped out because those are standard edits for us. Mom stepped in to assist so the contact with this young graduate was with someone in his family bubble. We stayed 6 feet apart using a longer lens and wearing a mask (yes even outside).


Grade eight graduation is normally full of very sweet moments – hot gyms filled with laughter and too many chairs, academic awards and thoughful speeches and of course the big dinner after its all done. But COVID-19 took that away from the kids and with numbers still very high there was no chance to even try hosting this during lockdown.

Our graduation sessions were designed to be fun, modern and make these graduates the centre of attention for the evening. This young man rocked his session.

I was told by the clients they were so delighted by the session they had a hard time deciding on which images to choose. It is always so lovely to deliver, especially after a client has had a less than satisfactory experience with photography before hiring you.


Our sessions come with a gallery to choose your favourite poses and order print sheets for them (one package even has two sheets included).

To book a session with us please fill out our Connect Form and we will send you information and follow up with a phone call to review.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography (Whitby)