Each time we start working with a headshot client it is important to determine the goals they have for their session. Is the job they are doing very corporate – for example, a lawyer or a banker? Is it subject to a series of guidelines in terms of what they can wear in a head shot. If you think I am kidding let me send the 4 page document I have seen from some banks to prove my point.

When Kerri King, CEO of the Station Gallery approached us to create new headshots we discussed her needs. She wanted to something that was connected to the downtown in Whitby, showcased her personal style, was professional but with a strong and modern location. With that in mind we got down to work to capture the experience.

Our chosen location is the new, modern and hip coffee shop Brock St. Espresso on the main street in Whitby. Owned by David and Lorena Purchase this new hot spot has a clean, modern look, lots of historical and modern touches and most importantly espresso. The window seating with the live edge counter was perfect to pair with some of Kerri King’s favourite art books, hat and immeasurable style. 

This classic portrait showcases CEO Kerri’s timeless style, the location’s natural light and this pose come together in a strong portrait of a local leader in our community of Whitby, Ontario and in the Durham Region.

Kerri King is a community builder, working for Durham Region and now for the Station Gallery. We wanted to showcase the downtown which is part of the community Kerri and her team at the Station Gallery are working hard to develop. A community with colour, style and an appreciation for art, artists and their work. Her bright scarf, art books and hat all lend to the storytelling we are doing in her portraits.

To wrap up our session we spent a little time creating – after all with the CEO of the Station Gallery in front of our lens it seemed the right thing to do. Kerri was up for anything and we ended up with some great final images for her 2019 portraits.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography