As a member of the Rotary Club of Whitby part of my volunteer work is doing the local event photography for the Food Truck Frenzy event. Over the course of two days I cover the event and now that I have done a few I can focus on moments and less on the trucks which makes this even more fun.

This year our marketplace included a vintage market, our kids zone had a new John Deer Blow up, the game zone was a huge hit, the Helen’s came out in droves to dance (think Three’s Company) and as per usual we had the Whitby Fire Department on site giving tours of their trucks. 

Is bigger better? With 30 food trucks, a children’s area and a marketplace I think we got the size and the offerings just right. Sure the event raises money for work we do all across the region and the around the world; but it also needs to be small enough for little feet to navigate.

Events are a chance to bring out the zoom lens, wait for smiles, capture the spread of owl wings and so much more. You need patience in this line of work and with so many great people, trucks and volunteers one cannot help but have a good time.

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