Visual stories of your generation and for generations to come.


Family Photography – Aravinda

In our studio we created a series of portraits for this family in traditional Indian dress, formal and casual western wear. Each family, each story is unique and we work with you to create that special session.Capturing a family in studio often comes with myths. Dad...

Grade Eight Graduation Photos in Whitby

Love this grad photo of S so much! It is just really 'S'. It was such a great experience and we have so many amazing shots to pick from thanks to Kirsten McGoey from Trinity Design Photography . Graduation from Grade Eight was my first big moment in life. I remember...

Modern Graduation Photos

In the wake of last years pandemic - which was fresh and new a year ago  - graduates were the first clients we worked with when we opened in June 2020. This grade eight session was done in a now empty space - free of commuters and vehicles as the pandemic asked us to...

The Christmas Tree Farm Experience – Durham Region

  From toddlers, to teens and in-betweens - we capture all the experiences - including that new puppy.This October we are going to be at Blackstock Christmas Tree Farm for our annual "The Christmas Tree Farm Experience" for family photos for this Christmas season...

The Front Porch Experience – Family Photos

The pandemic opening meant we got back to work with June and July limited edition "The Front Porch Experiences". Join us in this blog as we showcase a lovely weekend home for this blended family in Peterborough.Capturing a family at home means letting the evening...

Ordering for your Graduate

This blog post will bring you up to speed on how to easily order items for your Graduate after the experience is complete. We miss seeing you in the studio but for now this is the second best thing. FYI: do not try to order on your phone and tablet, we always...


The teenager. We mark this time from age 13 to 19. They grow at an unprecedented rate, gain new found independence and often spend a lot of time on their own. After all figuring out all this change takes time, an abundant amount of sleep (the pandemic has been ideal...