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This next step is to allow us to know about you before the session begins and confirm you are in agreement with our Session-Agreement-03-02-2016.

STOP: If you have no spoken with us to book your experience please click here to message us to CONNECT about what you are looking for. This form is for clients who have registered and paid for their session experiences already.

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  • By signing this form you and your partner (if applicable) are signing off on the terms of the Trinity Design agreement and are legally agreeing to the terms of service and delivery as outlined in the Session Agreement and Invoice. To begin - check off the box that states you agree with the terms of the Session Agreement you just read. Then sign the box below to confirm your agreement.
    I, the Primary Client, below sign off on the terms outlined in the Session Agreement and Invoice. See Signature Box below.
  • The name of the person who has read the Session Agreement and is legally signing off on the terms of use, etc. for the experience session.
  • Add in all the names of the other attendees, gender, ages so we can know their names when you arrive.
  • This email is likely where we sent your invoice and will send your gallery.
  • The best number to reach you on the day of your experience session with us in case you get lost, are running late, etc.
    Why are we asking you about how you are planning to Print the Experience? We believe so strongly in the value of printing images as technology is fleeting (remember floppy disks, VHS, even CDs are becoming obsolete). Choose all that apply.
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