Meet Geordie Lishman: Ajax Artist

Meet Geordie Lishman: Ajax Artist

This is the second post in a series of blog posts highlight the past few years of creating strong, impactful images for clientele through my Corporate business and the editorial work I create for East of the City magazine. In this series I will introduce you to some amazing human beings who run their own business(es) and shape the business landscape in the Durham Region.

Geordie Lishman lives on the family farm in Ajax, deep in the middle of Ajax where you would not expect a farm to have survived. In every direction subdivision have grown around this lot of land which feels like you have stopped time; albeit only to the tips of the property. The stone house is surrounded by mechanical artworks made by Geordie in his on site workshop.

Geordie creates sculptures that move and speak to you with various storytelling techniques – some still and some mechanical. On the farm are two geese that serenade you when you pull in the drive. Geordie is tall and friendly – willing to share his work and the stories behind them with a smile.

Drive a few city blocks over to Audley Recreation Centre and you may already have met some of Geordie’s work in the rock filled people in and around the centre. A son of renowned Canadian artist Bill Lishman, Geordie has amassed his own impressive portfolio of installation pieces.

As the daughter of a welding and fabricating specialist I connect with this medium. I was always watching my Dad wash the dirt of his hands at the end of a work day. The feeling in Geordie’s workshop – the garage to the rear of the farm that has been in his family for three generations is tangible.

The next time Geordie has an open house you should go, his artistry and Geordie is certainly worth knowing.

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