Food Photography in Durham Region : Whitby Digital Food Guide 2024 Refresh

Food Photography in Durham Region : Whitby Digital Food Guide 2024 Refresh

Amazing food (in part through our photography) in the Durham Region is a story we have been telling locals and visitors to Whitby about for many years. For 2024 we have continued this alongside our client partners at the Town of Whitby Tourism team with ten new pages and a refreshed look to the entire guide.

The guide is an award winning piece that was awarded the EDAC’s  the top Marketing Canada Award for a Single Publication – 5 or more pages from the Economic Developers Association of Canada in 2023. The design by Amanda Jones and the entire team is alive with the amazing food scene options we have to offer in Whitby. 

Please note all content is made for the Town of Whitby tourism and they hold exclusive rights to this content for 6 months from launch. Afterwhich all content can be purchased for use by the respective businesses showcased.

As you might imagine a refresh means content from the 2022 and 2023 issues remain and we have added new content each year. I am only going to showcase the pages with our images from the 2024 refresh but invite you to spend time with the full guide which we will cite at the end of the blog post.

Page 5: We took only the images from Namak Handi.

We had the pleasure of working with the following amazing local businesses in town – listed in the order in the guide :

Balti Indian

Namak Handi

 The Greek Tycoon

Hot Rocks Creative Diner

5 Paddles Brewing Company

Antonio’s Italian Deli & Grocery

Tina’s Portuguese Cuisine

Please note all content is made for the Town of Whitby tourism and they hold exclusive rights to this content for 6 months from launch. Afterwhich all content can be purchased for use by the respective businesses showcased.

To view the content on the Town of Whitby Tourism Website visit here:

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Whitby Digital Food Guide 2024 (compressed for archiving at high res)

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller 

Event Coverage: Whitby Santa Claus Parade

Event Coverage: Whitby Santa Claus Parade

Not only did I have the honour of capturing event photography of the Whitby Santa Claus parade this year, I also redesigned the Santa Claus parade float with my fellow members of the Rotary Club of Whitby. We crafted an overall redesign of the float and added in some key elements to bring it all together, including large lollipops, fur collars for the reindeer and popcorn strings to name but a few of the extras we wove into the already amazing original float.

I have long been a fan of Santa Claus parades and attended my hometown parade in Bowmanville with my parents and my own kids long after we moved to Whitby. The small town parade was always my choice over the city parade and it always will be. The magic is tangible, as I walked along the float kids eyes just light up when they see Santa Claus and Mrs Claus.

If you need coverage of your parade sign me up. I love the marching bands, the dance companies, the flag twirlers, the bagpipes and the clown cars. The stories of bright faces on the young and the old alike. The belief in Santa Claus is palpable – eyes alight and smiles grow on everyone. Kids gasp and wave, knowing Santa saw them and wished them all a Very Merry Christmas.

Visual Storyteller | Kirsten McGoey | Trinity Design Whitby

Business Photography for Birch Dental

Business Photography for Birch Dental

Dentists-Birch Dental

Image Above: Dr. Patricia Lam and Dr. Jenn Nguyen are shown in the lobby of their dental office in Whitby in scrubs and wearing dental glasses around their necks.

Our briefing from Birch Dental was to create natural light images that were in tune with the overall brand and office design which promotes a clean, minimal, peaceful vibe. “Branding is the process of creating a distinct identity for a business in the minds of your target audience and the general population.” (quote: Shopify Blog) Knowing your brand intent from the start creates a seamless experience for the client no matter which touch point you enter from or what media experience they have.

Image Above: Image of the front lobby and the front signage outside the office. As their website states the “space was specially designed to make this goal a reality through its clean, minimal, peaceful vibe.”

The office is a modern space with wood details, soft grey walls and modern black accent walls in metal and glass. While being treated custom videos of sea life float past, showing a turtle exploring a reef across the ocean floor.

The office is located in North Whitby, Ontario and open extended hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

Image Above: Dr. Jenn Nguyen are shown in the lobby of her dental office in Whitby in scrubs and wearing dental glasses around her neck.

Image Above: The office sterilization area is housed off the hallway and continues the modern, clean, minimal, peaceful vibe.

Creating content for your business does not have to happen all at once and we would love to help you start the process. We have several packages that will allow you to create content that aligns with your brand (not our own).

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller, Trinity Design Photography

Graduate Photography in Durham Region (Whitby)

Graduate Photography in Durham Region (Whitby)

Trinity Design Photography in Whitby is a small, scale boutique studio and it may just be a better fit for you than the normal volume studio graduate experience. We service a small number of clientele who want a little more from their experience and expert photographic skills.

As a smaller studio we put together for our client a quality experience. We buy the best stoles we can stock with matte textures and have a variety of gown/hat/tassel combinations for your graduate to borrow. From black, to navy and even Trent Green is now in stock in the studio.

NOTE: We just can’t have all the vee stoles and colours. Some universities may have over thirty departments all with different colour schemes. We do our best and often times clients will purchase the specialty stole for their photos and use our gown/hat/tassel combinations.

Over the past 9+ years we have built a strong reputation for more than just our photographic skills. We have many amazing clients who do not do well in volume studios and experience with kids who may not like to be touched or are triggered by busy or loud situations.

We support kids who are transitioning or perhaps are in the middle of a journey to the person they want to be. Our studio is a safe space for you and your kids. Owner Kirsten is a experienced mother of three, has a background in childcare and herself understands how anxious a photo experience can be for anyone at any age.

We are adding new vee stoles and gowns as time passes – we did this cute Tik Tok featuring rising country music star Riley Wheater (see below) showing the ones we had as of the beginning of April. Since then new ones have arrived and more are coming in matte fabrics which look amazing on camera.

Our new 2022 packages offer you a “One + Done” option and a larger session. We do both studio and our signature lifestyle sessions. Show your graduate some of our blog posts to see which kind of look they prefer.

The pandemic has taken enough away from the experience of education and we want to ensure they have the best graduation photo experience possible.

If you’re looking for a talented and professional photographer/storyteller, I highly recommend Kirsten at Trinity Design Photography. She goes above and beyond to capture the best image. Her patient and lovely personality make her a joy to work with. Thank you!

Kay Di Visio | 2022

Kirsten McGoey | Storyteller | Connect

Senior Kindergarten Photos for your Graduate

Senior Kindergarten Photos for your Graduate

The world for a Senior Kindergarten student has not been easy in Durham Region or across the world. School has been online, masked and unlike anything we experienced whether we grew up in the early 1900s or the late 1900s (yeah I feel old just writing it). Kids have gotten a rough start to their education and if there is something we can do with our services to make that a little easier we would be delighted to be a part of their journey.

One thing we did during the pandemic was invest in new gowns with the idea that when we opened up we could again offer studio mini sessions for SK gradates. Our two newest gowns are gorgeous matte navy and red with matching hats and tassels. We work with a solid backdrop in our mini sessions to capture three images of your child. 

When dressing for your graduate photos it helps to have either a shirt with a collar for under the gown or a rounded neck shirt or sweater. This will allow for the things you are wearing to exist comfortably under the gown.

We create a safe space for kids to be kids. We do short sessions that will not overwhelm them. The connection comes from 9+ years working with kids, years before that running a home daycare and wrangling three of my own spirited boy humans.

To book a spot simply connect with us for more information on the packages and booking dates (the event was cancelled due to our own bookings overflowing in May and June 2022). We still have room later in June and into July for your little ones.


Images do not have to come with the SK text – we love to play with the images when we test them out. But we provide our images as you would like them – plain for with the fun underlay text.

For more information connect: 

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography