Event Photography: Rivalry Week – Henry Vs Anderson

Event Photography: Rivalry Week – Henry Vs Anderson

Event photography when it involves capturing images of Rivalry Week for Henry Street High School. What is Rivalry Week? It is a friendly, yearly competition that goes back to the early eighties according to some sources and others early 1990s. I was in high school back in the eighties in a nearby town and it’s so fun as an adult so many year later to be hired to take photos of the events.

 The week starts on Monday with a pep rally at each school where they hand out t-shirts to the students lucky enough to get one of the 200 seats for the Basketball and Volleyball games. Basketball is typically played Tuesday and the Volleyball Wednesday, then the seating expands for the Hockey Game at Iroquois Park Sports Centre. Seats on one side are filled with Henry and Anderson students and on the opposite side stands reflect those schools with feeder schools and loved ones from each community.


SHOWN: Various images from warm up, game play and student/staff interaction during the event.

SHOWN: Various images including referees, student crowds, and so much more.

 If you were to attend this event I am going to add some of my tips to make it the best experience:

 + Wear lots of your school colours.

+ Eat a good breakfast and get hydrated, you will be burning some energy cheering in the stands.

+ Do not wear heavy clothing, it is going to be very hot in the gyms. Sandals, shorts and light clothing will help keep you cool during the event.

+ For the hockey games you can wear a few more layers but it still gets pretty warm in the stands. 

+ Sing along with all the songs. No one can hear you anyhow and it’s so much fun.

+ High five the mascot. Thank the band.

+ While it is fun when your home team is winning you will still have fun if you lose a game or two.

+ Bring some money for the hockey game so you can buy drinks and pizza.

+ Be sure to clean up after yourselves, many hands make light work is true.





Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller