Milestones : Whitby Birthday Photography Session

Milestones : Whitby Birthday Photography Session


This Canadian kid turns double digits this summer, is there anything else cooler for a kid? Making sure you cover those milestones with a photography session.

Every birthday I work with my boys to create one milestone session with them. It’s not each child’s favourite evening with the exception of this guy who still plans the whole thing with me from props, to crazy things we can try and puts up with my expiramentation. 

Kids often will tell you they do not like photos. They have memories of being in front of cameras in the gym at school in the view of their peers and not in a setting that would inspire any young mind. Kids who work with me get to help create the end result.

We discuss where we are taking the session, what props they are feeling work for them and we move away from things that do not. There is an element of what is planned but there is the room to be free in choosing what works for the kid in front of the lens. 

This ten year old loves LEGO, building with polymer clay and making models out of cardboard. There are glue guns, exacto knives and paint all over the house in the wake of his creative spirit. He dreams in Minecraft and loves watching Star Wars cartoons and anything with a superhero. 

Our third son at double digits – forgive me if I am a little teary as I write this post. He’s no baby anymore.

With a new watch today our little energy bunny walked the house until he hit his 60 minute milestone. He is planning bike rides, walking and swimming all week, thanks Garmin for the extra motivation.

Is there anything more Canadian than that outfit and that smile? Adding in the flag a as a superhero cape worked well so inspire him to run around and enjoy the empty parking lot which has a been an unexpected space to work in the pandemic.

We work throughout the Durham Region (based in Olde Whitby) and the Greater Toronto Area, we even will travel to cottage country. Sessions are best made in spaces that have meaning and value to you. Your hometown, your cottage or the local beach. Include the dog and the kids and YOURSELF. Being in photos now means you get to see how awesome you looked years later and you leave images of you for your kids who trust me, think you are beautiful just as a you are.

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