The teenager. We mark this time from age 13 to 19. They grow at an unprecedented rate, gain new found independence and often spend a lot of time on their own. After all figuring out all this change takes time, an abundant amount of sleep (the pandemic has been ideal for daily sleep ins).

Gone are the days of mini sessions, props and themed sessions. Teenagers don’t want to have anything to do with that. They have Instagram profiles, social circles and personal tastes that must be part of planning when working with this age group.


During the pandemic our oldest, our model for this session, turned 15. It was a quiet affair with no birthday parades, some embarrassing signs and a t-shirt from his mom to mark the occasion.

He is a quiet kid, with a strength of character and a simple aesthetic – plain grey t-shirts, jeans and runners are his thing. Any location needed to be simple, modern and urban to match his love of architecture, modern design (Le Corbusier and other modernists).


Sitting empty through the pandemic parking garages are a great spot to find some fresh, modern landscapes. I have been exploring these spots and loving the end result. We spend less than half an hour and walk out with amazing shots in a variety of spots with ever changing light during the golden hour.


Instead of cap and gown consider a Senior Experience to capture those amazing years of teenagehood. They are never the same after those 7 years and it is a great way to continue milestone sessions. It is also a great way to do an alternative graduation session – featuring the suit or the dress or whatever the graduate prefers to wear.

Each session is outside, socially distanced and captured with zoom lenses to keep us 6 feet or 2 metres apart during the process. We have a few different locations to allow your teenager the look and feel that best expresses who they are.


To book a session with us please fill out our Connect Form and we will send you information and follow up with a phone call to review.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography (Whitby)