University Graduate Session -Durham Region

University Graduate Session -Durham Region

Graduating from university is a huge milestone and again with pandemic effects impacting not just school but the locations of local big box graduation stores. This graduate ordered her own gown and hat (which we bought from her for our collection) and it looked amazing in the late summer greens and golden tones of her golden hours session.


We used both the south and north areas of this Ajax location to create a stylish and elegant session. The graduate is wearing a dress underneath so we used this technique of removing the gown to create a walk away photo of her. I like the look, the symbolism of walking into a new and exciting future. The slate and stone steps make for a lovely back drop.

I am often asked will glasses be an issue with my session. Most of the time with some creative posing, a little luck and some editing they are fine, even outdoors. However, the anti-glare coatings are a photographers best friend so if you have those (these had them) I will like you that much more!

Finding new ways to use areas I shoot in frequently is par for the course. In this spot I went high and asked the graduate to lean and look up. It is one of my favourite images from the summer. She looks amazing and it gives a great perspective – something new and fresh.

To book a session with us please fill out our Connect Form and we will send you information and follow up with a phone call to review. We have a two black gowns in tween and adult sizes, a blue gown as shown and matching hats. We also have this royal blue gown in Kindergarten size.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography (Whitby)

Notre Dame CSS Ajax Graduate Experience

Notre Dame CSS Ajax Graduate Experience


Grade twelve is a journey from teenagehood into adult hood. I wanted to start the session with traditional poses and then we walked the garden walkway to show off the gown, the hat and the journey she is about to embark on. It is always fun working with kids at this juncture as they finish secondary school and have life stretching out in front of them.

Creating some movement we had the client walk foot in front of one another to make a s-curve to her walk and then used the gown and hat/tassel in the wind to compliment the overall story.

To say it was windy during this session was an understatement. We had so many behind the scenes giggles as the hat was swept away but somehow managed NOT to drop it in the water feature even once. I had a good laugh, too, when before my client arrived a young boy was playing with his parents and during hide and seek walked right into the fountain!

Reflections and leading lines give the cool grey and architecture elements a sense of movement and colour. The wind was less in this spot but we still liked the hand on the hat in some of the images. I just love the school colours, after all we do like a purple here at Trinity Design.

When you find a perfect spot where you can climb a wall and bench, give your client the railing and let her relax into the experience. A few head turns to give mom a smile and we got this amazing shot – she just radiates beauty in this one. I wish every graduate would do outdoor sessions as they are so natural and double as senior portraits for your child(ren).


We loved working in this new location in Ajax and surely we will be back to explore more over this summer. If you like this location ask for images here at Pat Bayly Square in Ajax.

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Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography

Graduation – Two Sisters in Whitby

Graduation – Two Sisters in Whitby

Sisters graduating grade eight and grade twelve deserved nothing less than a celebration! I have been watching these two grow for years on the school yard and at the local dance studio. During this last wave both were so patient waiting for us to be able to capture these images. During the last announcement permitting Step 1 outside photos we jumped at the chance to get them in front od the camera.


The empty parking garage has become a regular spot for graduation sessions. As with all spots I frequent revisiting them gives me new opportunities to create different art – sometimes using what is there and sometimes by knowing what I can do with what is there. The darker spots I could see the lights peaking out but they were green and yellow, not the look I wanted for this session. Dovetailing in the colours I envisioned give the girls shots a the look I saw when taking them in my creative mind.

There is an unspeakable bond between sisters – a current that runs between them. There is of course a little sass, the inside jokes and looks and the giggles – something I see across all siblings – the giggles. This is not something just with girls – I see it in boys all the time. It always is amazing on camera – a tickle, a look – the smiles become real.

In the case of two graduates plan for extra time, we went about half an hour over time. There are outfits, grad gowns and various spots to walk to – times two graudates and sibling shots.

Inside the session it is also important to differentiate between the graduates so they get a look of their own, too. In the case of the younger sibling we embraced her bold personality and posed her in a way that was a little more edgy. For her older sister we found a more classic pose that suited her – she brought up the hand and I knew we had our shot.

Our sessions come with a gallery to choose your favourite poses and order print sheets for them (one package even has two sheets included).

To book a session with us please fill out our Connect Form and we will send you information and follow up with a phone call to review.

Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography (Whitby)

Grade Eight Graduation Photos in Whitby

Grade Eight Graduation Photos in Whitby

Love this grad photo of S so much! It is just really ‘S’. It was such a great experience and we have so many amazing shots to pick from thanks to Kirsten McGoey from Trinity Design Photography .

JG and MG

Graduation from Grade Eight was my first big moment in life. I remember the lemon yellow dress I wore (the only other time I have done that since was a wedding). I remember feeling very grown up and fancy and maybe not liking my white shoes (but my memory is fuzzy). I got a bible from my parents for all those kids who are asking for MacBooks – yes this is a thing (yikes).

So as we work with all the grade eight graduates this spring I am reminded of how much they are missing. They are missing sitting in a fancy outfit in the school gym, our school gym is super small and hot. They are missing out on gathering with friends after for a graduation dinner at the Brock House (this is a tradition at this grads school) and they are getting a prerecorded grad ceremony up for 24 hours that is over Zoom so we can dial in our loved ones from their houses.

Young men like this graduate have been faithfully doing online classes and waiting for a time when we will all gather again. This particular young man is a talented soccer player, has been in many school plays and on all the sports teams. E. A. Fairman P.S. is a small school (growing much larger next spring) and the benefit is no matter what your skills you make every team – but this guy is a born athlete. He is kind, gentle and getting taller by the day. Another friend of my sons that is taller than me seems par for the course these days. 

When you work with kids you have know since they were in Senior Kindergarten there is a special connection you don’t get otherwise. This young man has seen me at every school sport I can attend from track and field to lacrosse. He has worked with me when we captured 80+ portraits for the school play in the black and white style so used by real theatres. He has seen me at every school event and play capturing the experience of the school’s community. He knows my kids and he knows me. That connection is invaluable.

As a small studio we thank you so much for supporting us as the third wave of the pandemic draws to a close. We are permitted as of the date of this publishing to work retail photography (business to consumer – family, grads etc) outside as long as we follow social distancing guidelines and gathering limits outlined by the Ontario government for the Step we are in which is Step 1. That means until we open further studio sessions are not permitted but we have lots of great locations locally and outside that fit the bill.

To find out more about our graduate work visit our portfolio.

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Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller


Modern Graduation Photos

Modern Graduation Photos

In the wake of last years pandemic – which was fresh and new a year ago  – graduates were the first clients we worked with when we opened in June 2020. This grade eight session was done in a now empty space – free of commuters and vehicles as the pandemic asked us to work at home to stay safe.


Garages have levels denoted by colour so when I started last year my two black gowns and one blue stole worked well with the upper level of the rooftop level. It also matched his tie so the tone on tone gives a nice effect.

The garage markings can add interest to the composition and level up the already amazing indirect light. Sometimes a spot you have used a few times becomes something new when you revisit it with a new client. The new trend is a suit or dress shirt with smart sneakers (not your ratty ones, these ones are the dressy kind). Well styled hair and of course bring your diploma, any awards if they have been handed out and we document it all. I am not showing those shots but his watch is a lovely touch to complete the look.

When dressing for graduate photos be sure to dress up so the gown and the outfit you would have worn to graduation is celebrated. This young man again had this great tone on tone blue outfit which worked so well with the blue tone on the rooftop.

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 Capture the experience.


Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller