In order to ensure you are ready we have several pre-consultation steps to ensure you are ready to go on experience session day:

  • Trinity Design prefers to call and book all full experience sessions with our clients. During this call we discuss:
    • Session Agreement (Contract)
    • Invoicing Process
    • Copyright (what use you are purchasing)
    • Location options (note all CLOCA properties now require a photo permit)
    • Wardrobe
  • Each client receives a preparation document that explains the dos and don’ts for preparing for your photography experience with Trinity Design. This document covers:
    • Wardrobe
    • Grooming – hair and makeup.
    • Best timing for haircuts.
  • Need another call or want to email us to sort out a question? We would love to hear from you.
  • We also prepare our gear, scout locations for issues and send all our clients:
    • A Quickbooks invoice with a detailed review of the session experience deliverables and payment options.
    • NEW in FALL 2018 we have a client management system that puts all your documents into a Client Portal including:
      • Invoice
      • Session Agreement (Contract)
      • Questionnaire (how we get to know you and the people attending)
      • Events
      • Etc.

Capturing the Experience.

When session day arrives we are as excited as you are.

  • We email the client the day before to confirm the session.
  • We confirm we have payments organized and all necessary forms in hand.
    • The registration form is especially helpful when you have a group of family members – it helps us put names to everyone in your group ahead of time.
  • If you get lost Trinity Design looks out for your call in and around the session experience start time.
  • Trinity Design’s gear is cleaned, back ups packed and ready to go for your session time.
  • During the session Trinity Design advises:
    • Parents should breathe and leave the smile making to us.
    • Kids will be kids and likely not the craziest family we have ever captured. We like kids to be themselves.
    • Empty your pockets of electronic devices, keys, wallets and more. If needed we can carry them with our gear so your pockets are bump free.
  • Our experience sessions are designed to be fun – we have had teenagers comment “that didn’t suck, mom!”
  • We work with the family to capture a mix of posed and natural imagery. Telling the story of each person, family, couple and child we are blessed to work with.

Experience Reveal.

On reveal day we reveal your session gallery in our studio. It’s a fun day as clients get to see the story we have capture for them and we now are bringing all clients, seasonal and full experiences, in person for experience reveals.

  • Your session is loaded into Pixieset – online gallery software. It’s easy to use and we teach you how to use it during your reveal, plus there are several instruction cards shown (for anyone viewing from home on their own).
  • We review the whole experience session at the start as a slide show.
  • Each session is culled to determine your favourites using the favourites function.
    • If you want them all just ask about buy out pricing during your reveal.
  • Your ordering is facilitated at the reveal and we offer reveal session only deals on specific items.
  • Your order is processed and you are billed for the amount owed BEFORE any items will be ordered.
  • Items are ordered and arrive at the studio for pick up according to the production schedules each item/vendor outlines.
  • The majority of our a la carte menu items are Canadian made, Trinity Design carries about 90% Canadian made in our store.
  • Our average customer sale is $1000 per session, so keep this in mind when budgeting for your experience.

NOTE: These items are may not be returned due to the personalized nature of the products.

Printing the Experience.

Trinity Design is committed to helping you print the experience for several reasons:


  • Images last over time.
    • Recall that special print handed down from parent to parent.
    • There is something magical about a printed photo.
  • Technology fails and becomes obsolete.
    • Hard drives fail.
    • USB sticks and CDs have a limited lifetime as well.
    • When was the last time you looked at data you saved on a floppy disk 15-20 years ago? Exactly.
  • Images have been shown to scientifically boost the esteem of children when hung in the home.
  • To see a sampling of our product visit our ever growing page of Print the Experience products.