I fell in love with the white box session idea three years ago when I was given the challenge by a client. We did a plain brown cardboard box and used natural light – it was a fun session – but I knew in time I could achieve more if and when the studio was built.
Fast forward to 2016 and we have a lovely 500 square foot studio space in the lower level of our home that is primed and ready for this kind of work. We have a huge box big enough to hold a family five (tight fit) or each one of you – showcasing your individual talents, playing with modern and simple shapes and styling.
This is our first test – we did this one for our annual Christmas card – which because of the constant stream of work coming in 2016 will likely be a NEW YEARS CARD. These sessions will not be Christmas themed but you get the idea of the possibilities for a visual storyteller such as myself with a penchant for the modern look.
Each boy is featured. we engaged some shots using “observation” techniques – looking around the corner, looking up (we have others too in archive that were waving down). We used real hand stands and faked ones – oh and last time I checked my eldest cannot hang from the ceiling like a spider.
Since then we have done over 25 families in the box and we love the results, in fact we will be back in full force to do the for one of our two “The Christmas Experience” offerings.white-box-trinity-design-whitby
Clients have embraced this fun session with families ranging from young kids, to teens and even grandparents coming in to tell their story with us. We have seen baseball players, ballerinas, soccer fans and baseball fans, Harry Potter addicts, readers and just plain silly, family fun inside the box.
Want in on the action? Want to tell your family story? Sunday April 2, 2017 (White Box 3, Easter or Family Theme) – we have two spots that opened up due to severe illness, check out our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1218331578215243/
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Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller