Life inside the big, white box.

While inside the box the white environment invites you to dress in bright colours (colours we might ask you to avoid in a regular session), crazy poses (we might even push your collage a little further and rotate your pose sideways or upside-down) and using a collage format to combine a series of these “vignettes” to create a “story” about your family.

The environment of the box let’s us capture the experience for you that, one, shows each person in your family’s own loves. Two, it let’s us play in-between boxes to create interconnection and, three, it weaves together a story of your family’s NOW.

The NOW of loving monster trucks, baseball and the Blue Jays, acro and ballet dance, reading, riding your new red scooter. It shows the size of a little man in your lap, the way he likes to squish his toes, Dad’s beard and mom’s epic eye roll.

Each session is unique – each person in your family – parents, children, pets  – all get their own box, their own part in the “digital quilting” of your collage (a great client referred to them this way recently and she was bang on).

We also have a very special goal in 2017 to #capturetheeadults and #capturetheparents. All parents are encouraged to stop hiding from the lens and get in the frame with their kids. I am doing this exact thing getting in front of the lens more and more myself this year – telling my “part” of the story.

We are running our last “The White Box Experience” this spring on April 2, 2017 and as of writing this post we have two extra spots we added on to that event.

The White Box will be back for a “The Christmas Experience” run, join our email list to be one of the first to book in for these seasonal experiences. We already have four spots spoken for since January! Click here to join our list.

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller