Sisters graduating grade eight and grade twelve deserved nothing less than a celebration! I have been watching these two grow for years on the school yard and at the local dance studio. During this last wave both were so patient waiting for us to be able to capture these images. During the last announcement permitting Step 1 outside photos we jumped at the chance to get them in front od the camera.


The empty parking garage has become a regular spot for graduation sessions. As with all spots I frequent revisiting them gives me new opportunities to create different art – sometimes using what is there and sometimes by knowing what I can do with what is there. The darker spots I could see the lights peaking out but they were green and yellow, not the look I wanted for this session. Dovetailing in the colours I envisioned give the girls shots a the look I saw when taking them in my creative mind.

There is an unspeakable bond between sisters – a current that runs between them. There is of course a little sass, the inside jokes and looks and the giggles – something I see across all siblings – the giggles. This is not something just with girls – I see it in boys all the time. It always is amazing on camera – a tickle, a look – the smiles become real.

In the case of two graduates plan for extra time, we went about half an hour over time. There are outfits, grad gowns and various spots to walk to – times two graudates and sibling shots.

Inside the session it is also important to differentiate between the graduates so they get a look of their own, too. In the case of the younger sibling we embraced her bold personality and posed her in a way that was a little more edgy. For her older sister we found a more classic pose that suited her – she brought up the hand and I knew we had our shot.

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Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography (Whitby)