One of the first things I do when a client contacts me about headshots through my website is ask to speak to them via the phone. Call me old fashioned but phone calls give an understanding that sometimes does not come across in emails.

Smaller details are discussed such as what headshot background would suit your needs. Larger needs include how will you use the images. These larger details might impact the smaller ones. It allows me to anticipate the images you will need and further your use of them on your website, social media and blogs. This can be done with one outfit (as shown) or up to three looks – it all depends on your individual or corporate needs. Note: Many banks have rules on how to dress and backgrounds.

Paul Cleary, of Horn IT needed a professional update for his website. His company provides information technology services (IT) to mid-market companies in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The need for a clean professional look was essential in this industry and for clients who invest in these services.

We created the images on white to allow for his website professional to easily be able to cut him out as needed for branding purposes. We created three looks using one outfit, opting for a closer crop which he can use when connecting via his blog. Paul now has three professional looks to carry him into the upcoming years; headshots he can use on social media, his website and blog.

If you need to update your look, ditch the selfie and create a professional headshot please connect with us via our website form:

Kirsten McGoey, Visual Storyteller, Trinity Design Photography | Whitby