Grade twelve is a journey from teenagehood into adult hood. I wanted to start the session with traditional poses and then we walked the garden walkway to show off the gown, the hat and the journey she is about to embark on. It is always fun working with kids at this juncture as they finish secondary school and have life stretching out in front of them.

Creating some movement we had the client walk foot in front of one another to make a s-curve to her walk and then used the gown and hat/tassel in the wind to compliment the overall story.

To say it was windy during this session was an understatement. We had so many behind the scenes giggles as the hat was swept away but somehow managed NOT to drop it in the water feature even once. I had a good laugh, too, when before my client arrived a young boy was playing with his parents and during hide and seek walked right into the fountain!

Reflections and leading lines give the cool grey and architecture elements a sense of movement and colour. The wind was less in this spot but we still liked the hand on the hat in some of the images. I just love the school colours, after all we do like a purple here at Trinity Design.

When you find a perfect spot where you can climb a wall and bench, give your client the railing and let her relax into the experience. A few head turns to give mom a smile and we got this amazing shot – she just radiates beauty in this one. I wish every graduate would do outdoor sessions as they are so natural and double as senior portraits for your child(ren).


We loved working in this new location in Ajax and surely we will be back to explore more over this summer. If you like this location ask for images here at Pat Bayly Square in Ajax.

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Kirsten McGoey | Visual Storyteller | Trinity Design Photography